Hephzibah Phone  0208 830 1993

Hephzibah Email  admin@hephzibahnursery.org.uk

161 Pitfield Way,
NW10 0UW
Opening Times:

 0700 - 1800 hours
  Mondays - Fridays
  • Children Outdoor activities
  • Children at pay
  • Summer play tent
  • Children play time
  • Toddlers at playtime
  • Busy Children
  • Playing in the Tent

Welcome to our Nursery

As parents, we know how important it is to have the right nursery for your children. We want you to feel confident when leaving your children at the Hephzibah Day Nursery so that you can get on with your working life without worrying about their safety and happiness. To this end our staff have created a welcoming environment where children and their families feel valued. Our aim is to facilitate an enabling environment where everyone’s diversity is valued, respected and the children and their families feel a part of the nursery.

Hephzibah Day Nursery works in partnership with parents and external agiencies in promoting a holistic approach to the children’s learning and development.

In order to enable the children we work in partnership with parents and external agencies with honesty and integrity. We take pride in ensuring that we work with the children in a holistic way, thus promoting their overall development.

We have an established Keyworker system that gives support to the children which also fosters security and is an aid to positive learning.