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161 Pitfield Way,
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Opening Times:

 0700 - 1800 hours
  Mondays - Fridays
  • Children Outdoor activities
  • Children at pay
  • Summer play tent
  • Children play time
  • Toddlers at playtime
  • Busy Children
  • Playing in the Tent

Toddler Room: 2-3 years

It’s all fun and games in our action-packed Toddler Room. Your child will enjoy a wide range of activities, organised to suit their individual development needs and designed to provide a supportive learning environment.

Toddlers are stimulated and encouraged with a wide range of activities including; reading, mark making, music and movement, dance, painting, creative activities, messy play, sand and water play, construction, role play, table top activities, garden play and much more.

The Toddlers also enjoy off-site excursions as well as regular play in the garden throughout the day, where they can explore and enjoy fresh air through active play.

Hephzibah children